We Specialize In Trenchless Technology Underground Water Service Line Replacements

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We provide professional repair / installation of your outdoor service water line.

We Specialize In Trenchless Technology Underground Water Service Line Replacements, Installations, and Repairs for Prince Georges County, including: Bladensburg, Bowie, Brandywine, Brentwood, Calverton, Camp Springs, Capitol Heights, College Park, Forestville, Fort Washington, Greenbelt, Landover, Laurel, Mitchellville, Largo, New Carrollton, Oxon Hill, Seat Pleasant, Suitland, Takoma Park, Temple Hills, University Park, Upper Marlboro, MD.


What can cause your water line to suddenly leak?

  • Age
  • Temperature changes / freezing temperatures in particular
  • Ground shifting
  • Soil conditions
  • Tree roots

Clues that a leak is occurring.

  • A sudden rise in water bills
  • Unexplained puddles developing in your yard
  • Basement Flooding

What should you do if you perceive a possible leak?

Contact water line replacement specialist ASAP. Ignoring a potential water line leak may result in extensive and expensive damage to your driveway and home. Contact Interstate Enterprises, Inc.‘s 24 Hour Emergency Line at 1-800-775-1055.

We offer replacement of underground water supply lines that have failed due to normal wear and tear.

Did you know that if the water pipe leading from the curb to your house should leak or break, you are responsible for repairing it?

Has your water bill risen suddenly? Have you noticed a puddle developing in your yard for no apparent reason? If so, you may have a leaking or broken water line. Most people don't realize that this water line – which runs from the public water main on the street to their home or building is their responsibility. This line can range from 20 feet to more than 200 feet depending on your property. Over time, unpreventable environmental conditions may cause your water line to deteriorate and/or crack.

Water line failure occurs throughout the year, however, it is most common in the winter months when lines are subject to freezing temperatures. When a leaking or broken outdoor water pipe occurs, a rapid response can prevent thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your driveway, home or building. In addition, contaminated water has the potential of entering your home or building.

You own and are responsible for your Service Line

water line 3
water line 3

We specialize in quickly and efficiently repairing and/or replacing underground water lines. Our professionals will have clean water running back into your property in no time.

Be sure to ask about our new "trenchless technology" - which allows us to fix or replace waterlines without destroying landscaping! Interstate Enterprises, Inc. uses a proven method of water line installation whenever possible and often saves our customers the time, energy and money required to fix their lawn, flowers and shrubs following a water line leak or failure.

Interstate Enterprises - look to us for quick, quality water line replacements!

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